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Catherine has always had a passion for the arts. Especially clothing making and fashion. Graduated in pattern and custom design and having worked in the Montreal fashion industry for many years as a contractor, she has for through the years refined her talent for clothing design.

As a freelancer, Catherine has participated in several collections for Les Créations Métamorphose while continuing to execute various contracts thus honing her skills and perfecting her art.

An innovative creator, Catherine is always looking for a different perspective. This approach led her to develop and offer innovative products that reflect her enthusiastic, colorful and passionate personality.

Photo by Amélie Bilodeau

Photo by Amélie Bilodeau

What's the story behind the unique switchable bow ties? 

Septembre 2015. Crédit photo: Luc Lemay

A hot day of June 2015, on a loved one’s birthday.

Catherine already knew that he enjoyed sporting a gentleman look, so a bow tie would be perfect! She thus thought of making some as gifts.

Her goal was to make a dozen bow ties of different shapes and colors. However, since creating each ribbon needed for the bow ties was time consuming, her fear of not making the deadline kept growing.

She needed to come up with an idea, a concept that could save her time in the creation process.

She resourcefully conceived her very own concept of switchable bow ties. The present was so well received that even birthday party guests started asking for some! The first photo shoot of switchable bow ties took place in September 2015.

An so Rose de Mai was born!

What's the concept behind customizable jackets and coats?

For quite some time, Catherine had in mind an idea of mid-season coat.

She sketched it, perfected it all the time and dreamed of the day when she could finally parade through the streets of Montreal in her new coat.

On an August day in 2014, she begun working on the pattern. Then came the first sample, then a second, and finally an amazing creation of which she is still very proud!

This was the first coat she decided to offer as a customizable version. Yes indeed. Customizable because she was often asked for different colors and patterns. After all, what would be better than for a customer to be able to choose from multiple fabrics, buttons, and accessories? To get the right sleeve length, neither too long nor too short.

The idea was to be able to offer an alternative to unsatisfied customers, not finding their need in conventional stores. Being able to choose from coats and jackets, in both classic and feminine styles, to customize them to your taste in a warm and creative environment.

That's what Rose de Mai is really about!


Crédit photo: Luc Lemay